W_Door 3


Wood Type: White Oak, Stained Glass
Measurements: 32″ x 68″ x 2 1/4″
Made In: Ottawa, Ontario
Status: Sold

Project Description

This custom door is solid white oak, with quarter-sawn white oak features.  The details include a Mission feel, and is based on features the customer saw in a number of doors, and is designed to suit the new front of her house.

The stained glass, with the integrated house number is by Sara Jarvis, of Jara Glass Works.  The whole project was the epitomy of custom work – a collaboration between client, and two craftspeople.

Glen's remarkable skill with wood crafting inspired me to showcase his talents at my doorstep. I found the perfect door in a glossy book, switched it up a bit with the addition of stained glass, found a glass maker who could execute my design and told them both 'to make it so'. Glen's custom solid oak door (plus his successful installation of the stained glass) is the showpiece and first impression of my fully-renovated 50-year plus home.

Anne Pickering
Anne Pickering