Secretary 3


Wood Type:

Mahogany, Walnut,Burled Mahogany Veneer


36″w x 50″h x 20″d


This piece was selected by jury to be exhibited at the 2014 Wood Objects Exhibition.  It was designed around the antique postal boxes featured in the cabinet.  The boxes have copper doors, the color beautifully complementing the color of the solid mahogany and burled mahogany veneer.

The body of the desk is assembled with hand-cut dovetails.  The rear is frame and panel, so the desk looks as good from the back as it does from the front.  The base is solid mahogany joined with mortice and tenon joints, and a dovetail on the stretcher. The legs are tapered on the insides.

The pull on the hinged top is one of the original keys from the postal boxes.  The front apron folds down to expose the supports for the top when opened.  The keys for the postal boxes are hidden somewhere in the furniture, but only the buyer will be told where, and how to get to them!

This very special desk is for sale.